How To Make Money Selling Products From Asia

Have you ever fantasized about finding that perfect product in Asia and then reselling it around the world?

Imagine how your life would change, and what it would mean for your future, if you made that dream a reality.

One simple product could change your life forever.

Tens of thousands of people around the world have built successful businesses importing products from China. They all started from where you are right now.

If they can do it, so can you...

  • even if you are a total beginner
  • even if you don't know what product to sell
  • even if you don't speak any other languages

Introducing The Asia Business Vault

Everything you need to know about building a profitable business in Asia

The Asia Business Vault is the culmination of everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years doing business in Asia. It includes my premium training programs, video recordings of dozens of experts from my live events and workshops, and all of the templates & workflows I’ve compiled over the years. With these resources you can achieve your dreams.

China Sourcing Workshop

How To Find & Export Products From China
Learn More

China Dropship Workshop

How To Start A Dropship Business From China
Learn More

China Business Workshop

How To Do Business In China
Learn More

Hong Kong SuperCharged

How To Run A Global Business From Hong Kong
Learn More

Global From Asia Course

How To Optimize Your Global Business
Learn More

Cross Border Summit (2017)

How To Grow Your Asia Based Business
Learn More

Cross Border Matchmaker (2017)

Stay Current With Changing Trends In Asia
Learn More

Cross Border Ecommerce Association

Connect With Other Asia Business Owners
Learn More

The Fastest Way To Profit In Asia

Learn what works and what doesn't directly from the experts.


Everything that you find inside these training programs is proven to work. Each of our experts has spent years learning what works and what doesn't, and now they share all of their strategies with you so you can avoid all of the mistakes and complications they had to deal with. Move forward with confidence, knowing that you are on track to success.


Building a business requires a lot of trial and error, which is why hiring a consultant is such an effective strategy. It allows you to acquire knowledge you wouldn't otherwise have. The Asia Business Vault saves you tens of thousands in consulting fees, and you can get the same strategies as if you were sitting down one-on-one with our experts for private consulting.


Building a successful business takes time, but learning how to generate real profits real fast doesn't need to take years. Our experts share the strategies they use to move faster than the competition. And you get access to all of this immediately -- you don't have to travel to multiple events or wait for content to be dripped out. Everything is immediately available online so you can move as fast as you want.


Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll be able to build the business of your dreams with the Asia Business Vault. We've included training from a variety of experts for each phase of the business lifecycle. From starting at zero to selling your business, it's all here and waiting for you. And because you have lifetime access, you can view the training anytime you want, simply by logging in online.


Here’s the truth...

If you’re reading this, you already know you want to build a real business that buys products in Asia and resells them around the world

How do I know?

You wouldn't have made it this far.

The question is: what’s stopping you from doing it?

After reading comments and emails from hundreds of people, I’ve discovered that there are just a few reasons why people look at this massive opportunity and say “I can’t”

… even though they have all the skills they need to build a real business that makes real money, in the next 12 months.

“I’m busy with something else… How can I find the time?”

It all comes down to how bad you want it.

You and I both know that selling products from Asia is one of the biggest opportunities in our lifetime, and it’s never been easier than it is today.

New millionaires are literally being created every day. And tens of thousands of people are earning six figures selling a single product.

The Asia Business Vault will show you everything you need to get started selling as soon as possible. There’s no fluff to waste your time. It’s all solid actionable content.

The training is broken down into short video sessions, so you can move forward at whatever pace is best for you.

If you want to spend an hour a day going through the training, that’s great. If you want to binge watch all the training over the weekend, that’s great too. Or, if you’re super busy, just watch a few minutes at a time.

What’s most important is that you keep moving forward. Once things get moving, I’ll even show you how to build an outsourced team so you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day work… and you can build an automated business.

“I’ve never sold anything before, and I don’t know what to do”

Everybody starts where you are now. That’s just how business works.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a master salesperson to wildly succeed in the product business. It’s all about knowing which online platforms to use to sell and market your product.

And remember, the training you find inside The Asia Business Vault is very comprehensive and I show you exactly what to do. There is also training from dozens of industry experts that share their wisdom with you... so you have multiple points of view and can build the best business to reach your financial goals.

“I don’t know how to build websites or run Facebook ads, or …”

When you join the Asia Business Vault, it’s your first responsibility to think of yourself as a business owner, not an employee.

If there is something that you don’t know how to do (or don’t want to learn from my training), then you can outsource the work and have someone else do it for you.

There are so many different ways to succeed in the product business, that you don’t have to have any technicals skills. You can list your product on the various online marketplaces like Amazon and then you don’t have to do the estore stuff yourself. You can position yourself as a wholesaler or distributor, and be completely invisible online -- you would just sell your product to stores directly. Or, you could even be the middleman who brings the product into a country and sells it to a wholesaler or distributor.

There is always going to be something you don’t know how to do, but you should never let that stop you from taking action. When you get stuck, refer to the training videos or hire someone to help you.

You can do this. Believe in yourself.


What's Included In The Asia Business Vault

The Asia Business Vault is a comprehensive resource that will provide you with everything you need to make money by selling products from Asia. 8 of my premium programs are included so you have a full roadmap from start to finish.


Learn how to setup and profitably run your business.


Discover the best tools to optimize your global business.


Save time and headaches by using easily accessible templates.

Resource #1

China Sourcing Workshop

How To Find & Export Products From China

Want to buy products from China to sell online, or to export around the world? In this workshop, you will discover how to do it correctly so you avoid mistakes and complications.

  • Get insights on various ways to buy from Chinese factories
  • Make an action plan for determining what is the right supplier to buy from
  • Learn strategies on finding suppliers for your e-commerce business
  • View case studies of various e-commerce sellers and their sourcing systems

Here's What You Get

Below is an overview of the 4 parts of this workshop that you will receive as a video recording.

Part 1:

Finding Suppliers

Know where to look for and find the best suppliers. This can take years, or it can take weeks. In this session we explain ways to learn from your competition and skip through the massive online directories.

  • Chinese factory mindset - getting inside the head of a Chinese factory boss.
  • Factories want to find you, and need to know what you want.
  • Customs duties and regulators help us do sourcing. How to leverage government data.
  • Google is your friend. Ways to leverage online directories and advanced Google queries to find suppliers.
  • What to send the factory. Once you find them, how to approach them?

Part 2:


Have better bargaining tactics when discussing with a factory. Expand the pie, knowing what they are looking for, and aligning that with your interests is a win-win formula.

  • What terms can you negotiate - what are some ways and items to start a price negotiation.
  • First order vs ongoing order - how to bargain the first time, and prepare in advance for the next order.
  • Primary and secondary factories - how to leverage multiple suppliers.
  • Knowing what you want, and communication - we are dealing with non-native English speakers, translators, bosses, engineers and more. The more clear the better.

Part 3:

Placing The Order And Seeing It Through

Once you find the factory and place the order, at do you need to do in order to make that get to your warehouse or Amazon. We go through the steps to ensure you keep the business flowing smooth.

  • Key terms. Understand the key terms and contracts when making the deal.
  • Order flow. Know the payment and shipment flow.
  • Contracts and issue management - What are the main points in a contract. We also go through a live one and have templates to provide.
  • Case studies - explain how others have built strong relationships with factories to have a competitive edge.
Resource #2

China Dropshipping Workshop

How To Start A Dropship Business From China

Dropship is a common way businesses start with e-commerce. It is a great way to sell products without having to invest upfront in inventory. But what are some tactics for maximizing your chances of exposure and profits?

In this workshop, you will find out strategies and formulas for increasing your chances of success, and ways to gain more exposure.

  • Dropship sources you can use to build and grow your product line
  • Differentiating your dropship e-commerce website from your competitors
  • Communication tactics for establishing stronger relationships with dropship suppliers
  • Marketing tactics to grow your business to new heights
  • View case studies from various dropship ecommerce sellers

Here's What You Get

Below is an overview of the 4 parts of this workshop that you will receive as a video recording.

Part 1:

DropShip Sources & Integration

Starting from zero, we dive into the overview of drop shipping, various site to buy from, sample agreements. Get the knowledge, as well as confidence you need to begin your drop ship venture.

  • How to get started with drop shipping
  • Supply Chain: Understanding where you are in the supply chain
  • Moving in the supply chain: examples of moving from affiliate all the way up to custom products
  • China sources: where to go for your drop ship beginnings
  • Example drop ship agreements - how sites in China handle drop shipping
  • Setting up your drop ship store
  • Choosing the right technology

Part 2:


Starting and getting the technology is a great start, but how do you stand out. Not just from the end customer but also your relationship with the supplier in China. We share various tactics for building a strong competitive advantage.

  • How to stand out from other drop ship sources
  • Building a new drop ship relationship. Products themselves are key.
  • New relationships and old. How to mix various technologies.
  • New content for products - sources to find new product details to highlight your product over others.

Part 3:

Communication Tactics

Where many drop ship businesses fail is in communication. Failure to keep good communication with their customers, as well as suppliers. In This session we share different ways to ensure you keep the engine humming and stay on top of the daily operations.

  • Types of communication method - traditional and new.
  • Chinese communication tools - how do Chinese keep in touch with each other.
  • Online and Offline - building a drop ship business often requires you to do some offline, to stand out
  • Maintaining relationships- suppliers are like your spouse, strategies for keeping them happy.

Part 4:

Marketing Tactics (SEO), and Case Studies

Once you have a handle on drop shipping you’ll need to choose a marketing strategy you enjoy. We focus on SEO in this session, building content, finding your niche, analyzing your site and more. Also dive into some live businesses in the session.

  • Different marketing channels - see which types of marketing strategies are available.
  • Website analysis - review your website for optimization
  • The way internet marketing is meant to be - a story on how it is
  • Popularity contest - being the place to go to for your industry
Resource #3

China Business Workshop

How To Do Business In China

It's not a secret that most products we consume come from China. For decades, entrepreneurs have sourced products from China to resell around the world. But there is also an incredible opportunity to bring products into China to sell to the Chinese people. Here is your chance to learn how you can do business in China too!

  • Start an ecommerce business by sourcing products from China
  • Build an online presence within China to sell to the Chinese people
  • Form a company inside China to streamline sales

Here's What You Get

Below is an overview of the 4 training sessions you will receive as a video recording.

Session 1:

Chinese E-Commerce

Want to get started entering the Chinese market by selling your products via online e-commerce? It’s a very powerful method, but also overwhelming and confusing when getting started. Here we will discuss the major marketplaces such as Taobao, Tmall, JingDong, and others. What it takes to register, how to get your first few products sold. Also get into importing and logistics to China mainland.

  • US vs CN Ecommerce, Why eBay Lost
  • Top E/C & Setup Flow, Wechat vs Alibaba
  • Taobao, Tmall (Alibaba)
  • JD (Wechat Shops & WeiDian)
  • Others: Yihaodian & VIP Shop
  • Payments: Alipay + Wechat Pay (Ten Pay)
  • Logistics
  • Free Trade Zones Overview
  • Deciding Between FTZ, Cross-Border, Or Traditional

Session 2:

Chinese Social Media

The hyper fast paced of social media in China is hard to keep up with. In this course we go through the current hot Chinese social media platforms, what you need to know, what’s important and what’s just noise.

  • Chinese Web Marketing Overview
  • Differences Between East & West
  • Weibo
  • Wechat Deep Dive
  • More Social Platforms
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Predictions For The Future

Session 3:

Chinese Websites + Hosting

Making a Chinese website isn’t as straight forward as translating the language to Chinese. We go through how to get Chinese hosting, how to get proper licensing from the Chinese government (ICP license), and maintaining your status over the long term.

  • Chinese Hosting & Website Marketing
  • Short Term Solutions
  • ICPs, HK Hosting, and CDNs
  • Baidu vs Google
  • Future Of SEO In China

Session 4:

Establishing a Chinese Company

Totally confused about how to properly register your company in China? What type of company should you register, is it possible? As a Chinese Joint Venture (JV), or a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity), or maybe just stay offshore in Hong Kong? This workshop explains everything.

  • Researching your options via Weibo/Baidu
  • Things You Can Do Before Setting Up
  • Chinese Trademarks
  • Importing To China
  • Setting Up a Chinese Company
  • WFOE Setup
  • China Work Permit Benefit
  • Hiring Staff, Employment Contracts
  • Upkeep of The Company

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Resource #4

Hong Kong Supercharged

How To Run a Global Business From Hong Kong

Hong Kong Business Supercharged is the definitive guide and complete resource that will walk you through the entire process of starting your global business, from your first question about forming a limited company all the way through yearly audits and business operations.

This program is no “fluff” so I break down the overwhelming process of running an international business from Hong Kong into step-by-step instructions you can follow and return to again and again.

  • Unleash the power of a Hong Kong company to establish & grow your global empire!
  • Be smart, do business a registered company
  • Avoid nasty audits and tax situations
  • Get access to my rolodex of industry contacts to make your life easier

Here's What You Get

Below you will find a quick overview of the 6 modules inside of the Hong Kong Supercharged program.

Module 1:

Introduction To Hong Kong Business

Get insights as to why you might want to establish your international business in Hong Kong, and find out what advantages you can receive if your business is based out of Hong Kong.

  • Comparing the benefits of Hong Kong to alternatives in the Asia region
  • What the best visa options are when you come to Hong Kong
  • When to visit Hong Kong and how to deal with the languages
  • The different events happening in Hong Kong so you can maximize your visit
  • An overview of the top 3 trade shows I recommend and how to be effective when visiting them
  • Where to stay in Hong Kong and how to unwind
  • How to navigate common government agencies and where to start
  • How to utilize government type of programs or facilities to help you with your business and getting it off the ground

Module 2:

Opening The Company

Find out about the different types of companies you can open in Hong Kong, which one makes sense for you, and how to go about opening the company so that you find success the first try.

  • How to choose the best address for your company
  • How you can do some initial research to find out if someone has already established a company with the name you have in mind
  • The necessary steps to protect your intellectual property can prove to be a smart move when forming your company
  • How to search for trademarks, how to have the IP Department to do it for you, and how to File a Trademark
  • The process of getting your company registered with the government eRegistry service
  • The differences between a Founder, Director and a Secretary
  • How many company shares to issue
  • An overview of a few agencies I recommend using to register your Hong Kong company
  • A breakdown of all the different things you will receive once you've opened your company

Module 3:

Banking In Hong Kong

Every company needs a bank account. In Hong Kong things can be more difficult than you would hope, so in this module I will go over all of your banking options, my recommendations, and provide a few strategies to minimize your chances of getting denied.

  • Which bank most foreign-owned businesses use when banking in Hong Kong
  • What you will need to apply for a bank account
  • Several things you should never say or do during your bank interview
  • How to use the different functionality of online banking, and how to give access to other people
  • Tips and tricks for dealing with your finances and banking in Hong Kong
  • How to get a credit card for your business in Hong Kong, and how credit cards work differently than in your home country
  • How to use PayPal in Hong Kong and what it takes to setup and the tricks to using it as it’s not always simple to do normal daily transactions
  • The challenges of merchant accounts in Hong Kong, features to look for, and how they work
  • Using Bitcoin and some of your options when using it in Hong Kong

Module 4:

Operating Your Hong Kong Company

In this module we’re going to get into business operations and how to handle some of the twists and turns in daily operations you might experience and the best ways to handle those.

  • The different ways you can get paid by your customers
  • How to issue a Payment Instructions Document
  • How to manage your cashflow, having multiple accounts, and dealing with foreign currencies
  • The logistics of transporting physical products and warehousing
  • Transportation in and out of China
  • 3 ways to import into China
  • What to expect when crossing the border and how to make the process easier

Module 5:

Hong Kong Company Upkeep

In this module you will learn how to keep your company operational in Hong Kong, the various booking and accounting requirements you will face each year, and how to manage the audit process.

  • The wide range of documents you will be using to help manage the bookkeeping process
  • How often you have to worry about your books
  • How to manage receipts and bookkeeping
  • The necessary procedures for wrapping up your first year in business
  • How to prepare for company audits
  • Special tax issues you want to know about ahead of time
  • Filing as an offshore entity and a few example offshore transactions
  • The costs you will come across with some of the most common professional services
  • How to choose the right CPA
  • Buying, selling, transferring and closing companies

Module 6:

Case Studies

In this module, you'll get tips about the types of companies you may be starting and some specific recommendations on the do’s and don’ts for each business models. And lastly, you will get to see how some other companies formed their business.

  • The different types of businesses you can operate in Hong Kong
  • Case studies of how other companies have formed businesses in Hong Kong
Resource #5

Global From Asia Course

How To Optimize Your Global Business

The Global From Asia Course is the definitive video training and complete resource that will walk you through the entire process of optimizing your global business. This program is no “fluff” – get direct to the “goods” offering—I break down the overwhelming process of getting a bearing on how to organize your global business – starting with your own personal development, to a dashboard, systems, and then cashflow and business structure.

My team and I have worked tirelessly on this program for the better part of a year, and I have been conducting on-the-ground experience for almost seven. We’ve done the research, conducted the interviews, analyzed the markets, and—most enjoyably—met many readers like you. We merged keen entrepreneurial know-how with international business best practices. It’s the most complete program you’ll find (we’ve looked). I’m so excited for you to try it, I want you to succeed!

  • Focus Your Business Mind
  • Work Processes For a Global Team
  • Creating a Multi-Operation Business Dashboard
  • Restructuring International Cashflow
  • Optimizing Your International Organization Flow
  • Surveying For Expansion
  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Spinning Off Non-Core Assets

Here's What You Get

Below is a quick overview of the training you will receive. Everything is broken down into 8 weekly sections, however, you can access all of the training immediately.

Week 1:

Personal Development & Mindset

The mindset to go global. Many of us “just do it” and get that business off the ground and hustle to make it happen. I was one of them, and I put my personal health and personal needs second. Which works, to a certain point, but in order to get to the next level, we need to put ourselves, our minds, our mindset, first. Then how to balance the maker and manager mindset and workflows to increase effectiveness. We’ll drive it home with some tactics and tools to fine tune your personal thought process to get your business to the next level.

  • Mindset, Putting Ourselves First, and Meditation
  • Eating Right and Exercise For Business Executives
  • Best Practice Routines For Mornings & Evenings
  • Maker and Manager Workflows
  • Maker and Manager Tools & Systems

    Week 2:

    Personal Toolbox

    What is in your personal toolbox? What strategies are you using to keep yourself sharp day in and day out on the grind. We’ll go through some systems and templates to keep yourself on track and measure your development. Then, the productivity tools to maximize your time in front of the screen so that you can increase the amount of times with you family and friends. This has helped me double my output and half my work time.

    • Personal & Business Productivity Tools
    • Alfred Overview, Workflows, and Systems
    • Clipboard Speed, Managing Calendars & Timezones, and Password Managers
    • Leveraging The Power of Screen Captures

    Week 3:

    Project Planning & Overseeing Multiple Projects

    Going global means you’ll have to do 2 things at once – manage your current operations, while also building out a totally new one. This is going to require wearing a lot of hats, plus many start a new market expansion or a new business in B2B or product development while they have their home market as the distributor. So we recommend to start a new expansion project in your overseas company and keep your current operation in your home country. Once you get comfortable with this, we’ll dive into the next section which is managing multiple projects – tips and strategies for preventing overwhelm and still juggling a few business ideas.

    • Reporting & My Personal Tracking System
    • Team Weekly Plans
    • Grind Reports and Quarterly Reflection
    • Managing Multiple Projects
    • Project Management Tools
    • Teams and Integrators

    Week 4:

    Dashboards & Systems

    You have business going along and now you need to keep a bird’s eye view of things. Especially when dealing with multiple currencies and countries, we discuss an international business dashboard. The tools and tactics, as well as going through live dashboards and providing plug and play templates you can take home. Then we connect the dashboard back to systems for your business, to stay in control and be on top of your business, not caught in the operations (too much).

    • The Business Dashboard Concept
    • Google Drawing, Jing, & Interlinking
    • Staff Dashboards, My Dashboard & Template
    • Team Systems Overview
    • Google Drive Setup & Sharing
    • Project Management (Asana)
    • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
    • SOD (Standard Operating Document)
    • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
    • Daily Work Journals
    • Taking it on International Scale

    Week 5:

    Re-Structuring For An International Business Organization

    Many put this as the first step to going global – restructuring their company. I have worked with many people restructuring a business, and often times they are doing it way earlier than they need. So in this session we’ll discuss about timing for changing a company’s jurisdiction and banking, as well as where in the world might be right for your new corporate structure. Running an international business just adds to the complexity, but there are also tons of advantages. Here we discuss, based on various company structures, how you will be managing your team in various countries, cashflow, and client operations. Timezones, currencies, and cultures all come into play here. Then we will help you put it all down into an organization chart you can review regularly and make sure there aren’t any gaping holes in your operation.

    • Timing For Optimizing
    • Managing Cashflow
    • Multiple Companies
    • Holdco / Opco
    • Intercompany Contracts
    • Simple Is Often Better + Optimization
    • Restructuring Considerations
    • Comparing Popular Locations
    • Transition Time

    Module 6:

    Optimizing Organization & Staff Onboarding

    Maybe you already have staff helping you at this point, regardless, are you managing them correctly? We will go over what you need to do BEFORE making your first hire, making sure all the systems are in place and goals are aligned. Then once you have that staff, will you have a smooth on boarding system so that they get going quick and are motivated?

    • Team Management
    • Org Chart + Job Descriptions
    • Recruiting + Employee Contracts
    • Onboarding + Merging Teams
    • Team Sign Off
    • New Team Calls
    • Solving Potential Issues

    Week 7:

    Customer Surveys & Asset Spin-Offs

    Time to grow your business to the next level. You should be engaging with your audience and your current customers. What do they like the most about your business and brand? What is the core of what you are providing. Take a survey, see what you can help them with, and expand. Then, you’ll probably find parts of your business you no longer need, so how to deal with spin off or shutting down business projects.

    • An Overview Of Surveying
    • Surveying with Email
    • Surveying at Events
    • Focus Group in Dalian / Hong Kong
    • Focus Group for Chinese Learning
    • Company Name vs Asset Name
    • Asset Sale vs Company Sale
    • Branding and Licensing
    • Investors & Company Structure
    • Cliffs and Vests in Teams

    Week 8:

    Case Studies & Action Plans

    Let’s drive all of this home. We will have some case studies for different business models. What are they doing that makes it all work, how do the maintain and manage their business operations in a global scale. Let’s get some question and answer sessions going here to cover common limiting beliefs. And before you go, some next steps and action plans to make sure you make it all happen and do it!

    • Transitioning from USA Company to HK/China
    • Restructuring a Manufacturing Community
    • Spinning Off HK Agency
    • Selling Chinese Mobile App
    • When To Setup A Corp

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    Resource #6

    Cross Border Summit 2017 Recordings

    How To Grow Your Asia Based Business

    View recordings from the 2017 Cross Border Summit annual conference that brings together top e-commerce cross border business leaders from around the world to share about business strategy, marketing, team building, and other strategies to stay ahead in today’s global world. While internet and technology has done amazing things to improve society and business, it has sprung up competitors from around the globe. Keep on top of these trends by viewing these recordings from the Cross Border Summit in 2017.

    • How to optimize and grow your Amazon business in today’s market
    • Cultural differences in pricing models, negotiating style, time-to-market, delivery expectations, and more
    • What is valuable to overseas buyers, and what you can charge more for and what are you expected not to charge for
    • How to help your customers design products that will sell well in their countries, be reliable, and still cost effective for everyone
    • What overseas buyers expect in your quality control processes
    • What are some realistic expectations you can set for your business to grow and expand in China

    Here's What You Get

    Below is a quick overview of the speaker sessions you will receive recordings of.

    Session 1:

    China Import Policies and Procedures

    Kris Wang,
    Business Development Manager, Qianhai Government Authority

    Kris is responsible for the construction, operation and interpretation of cross border e-commerce business-related policies of the Qianhai Shekou Free trade zone. He is also in charge of cross border e -commerce business development planning, cross border e-commerce industry support and business services.

    Session 2:

    Global IP, In and Out of China

    Dan Harris,
    Managing Partner, Harris Bricken

    Dan Harris is the founding member of Harris Bricken, an international boutique law firm with offices in Seattle, Barcelona, Beijing, Portland, and San Francisco. Harris Bricken represents European and American companies overseas and foreign (including Chinese companies) in the US. Dan writes and speaks extensively on international law, with a focus on protecting foreign businesses in their overseas operations. He is also a prolific and widely followed blogger, writing as the co-author of the award-winning China Law Blog.

    Session 3:

    What’s The New Silk Road, and What are the Benefits?

    Simon Choi Esq,
    Founding Partner, ACME Ardent

    Simon Choi is an independent non-executive director of Kenford, and Boyaa Interactive as well as an independent director China BCT Pharmacy from 2010 tp 2013. He specialized in banking, corporate finance, general commercial and PR practice among others. Simon has rich experience in advising international clients such as 3G Tech Inc, Daiichi, Hayco, Home Depot and a lot more.

    Session 4:

    Leveraging Chat Bots For Your Chinese Social Media

    Chance Jiang,

    Chance is CEO of, a startup building technologies that enable marketplace on social networks. He is also Director of Startup Grind Guangzhou. He co-founded (2012-2014), the 1st connected hardware on WeChat offering millions of users instant photo printing. He was also the co-founder and designer of, a 2G wireless receipt printer with dead-simple cloud API (2010-2012).He’s been an active member in Guangzhou’s tech community, from organizing events to mentoring other startup entrepreneurs.

    Session 5:

    Managing Cross Cultural Teams and Customers

    Winston Sterzel,
    Owner, Bridging Borders LTD

    Winston is the first China video blogger famously known under the username SerpentZA. He has been in China for over 10 years. His popular YouTube channel discusses cultural differences between East and West and has advised companies on the transition between these cultures for years.

    Session 6:

    Leveraging VR and AR For Your E-Commerce Business

    Devin Ehrig,
    Partner at Shadow Factory and Graduate of Henley Business School

    Devin has a masters degree in Banking and Financial Law, Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law. He is a partner at venture consulting group that aims to transform your business, placing it in position to best capitalize on opportunity, engage and compel investors, and drive growth.

    Session 7:

    Making Sense of Europe and The VAT Situation

    Claire Taylor,
    CEO & Founder,

    Claire has worked in international VAT for 18 years.’s aim is to help businesses selling online to trade internationally and successfully without being burdened by complex VAT legislation. comprises of a team of VAT experts to provide first class expertise in international VAT compliance in the European Union and other territories where local laws prevail. SimplyVAT works with many online retailers in over 20 countries to help them with their VAT obligations.

    Session 8:

    Using Wechat For Your E-Commerce

    Matthew Brennan,
    WeChat Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Trainer, Consultant, Co-Founder China Channel

    Matthew is a keynote speaker and training host on the topic of WeChat. Regularly quoted in international media (Forbes, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, BBC, TechInAsia), his company organizes China’s largest WeChat marketing conference series for international companies. Matthew works primarily with international businesses to help form and implement their WeChat platform strategy. He holds 12+ years on the ground entrepreneurial experience in mainland China. His book ‘Building your Business through WeChat’ is due for release later this year.

    Session 9:

    Leveraging Design As An Asset For Your E-Commerce Business

    Jon Myers,
    CEO, AMZ Tracker

    Jon is a designer and the current CEO of AMZ Tracker, a powerful suite for building and scaling your Amazon Seller business. Originally from New York City, Jon has decades of experience in the design and startup space bridging US and the West. A true advocate for the digital nomad movement, Jon challenges the norm and is always leveraging outside of the box thinking to solve challenging opportunities in the e-commerce and online business space. He will share insights and tips on leveraging the power of design to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

    Session 10:

    Panel: Chinese E-Commerce and Internet Marketing Strategies

    Max Wang, Founder, Long Fei Xiang

    Max has extensive and deep logistics and international trade business management experience and industry understanding. He has served senior management positions at companies including well-known international logistics companies Expeditors, CEVA and DHL. Long Fei Xiang is committed to take pressures off importers and exporters by taking care of their logistics problems in terms of operational efficiency. It aims to help customers focus on their core business and stay competitive. Its core business includes Qianhai Free zone cross-border bonded business, overseas direct mail business, general trade import business services integrated service platform.

    Carol Zurita, Founder, Smart Benjie

    Ecuadorian and with a background in Marketing and Branding, Carol has been traveling countrywide with her business seminars for foreign millennials. These workshops are designed to mentor young entrepreneurs during their first stages of the bumpy path. Smart Benjie is a platform that intends to become a friendly zone where western and eastern entrepreneurs talk and do businesses taking advantage of the current technology.

    Glenn Ball, Owner and General Manager, Nogogo Online Groceries

    Nogogo Online Groceries is South China’s largest online home delivery service of its type and is a complex business with over 8000 product lines, from 60 different Countries , employing 40 staff and operating out of both Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and servicing the PRD and PRC . Nogogo plan to expand to other cities in the future.

    USA Co Shop is an import and distribution company that specializes in importing and wholesaling famous foreign brands . USA Co Shop has sales representatives in the following major cities : Shanghai , Beijing , Guangzhou , Tianjin , Chengdu , Wuhan , Qingdao , Harbin and More.

    Session 11:

    Case Study: Sourcing In China

    Sam Boyd,
    Founder & CEO, Guided Imports

    Sam was born in Philadelphia, PA and came to China in 2008. He started his manufacturing and importing career while he was still at University, working for a product development company which is manufactures and exports promotional electronics. He is fluent in Mandarin and well versed in Chinese business culture. Sam built his own company Procuu Inc in 2013 to help entrepreneurs, retailers, and various corporations source and import from China. Guided Imports was born to provide a transparent, non-commission based, all-in-one importing, sourcing, and supply chain management solution to Western entrepreneurs and businesses.

    Session 12:

    Mastering The Amazon Marketplace

    Meir Simhi,
    CEO, Brand Masters

    Living in Shenzhen since 2007, Meir is an Israeli super-entrepreneur with rich background in E-commerce and web marketing. Since 2014 he’s been running an e-commerce training program and digital strategy consulting agency to help entrepreneurs and companies build brands and establish a presence in the online environment. Recently Meir has co-founded, an innovative B2B platform helping Makers and online sellers create better products in less time.

    Session 13:

    Case Study: Building a Global Consumer Electronics Brand with a Fully Distributed Team

    Gerard Nieuwenhuis,
    Founder & CEO, TRNDlabs

    Based in Netherlands, Gerard has experience in various e-commerce businesses from group buying to niche sites.

    Session 15:

    Digital Transformation of Online and Offline Retail

    Noah Herschman,
    Senior Architect, Microsoft

    Noah works with global online and offline retailers to digitally transform their operations to attract customers, empower employees and optimize operations. Noah has been involved in ecommerce since its inception in the mid-1990s and has held leadership positions at Amazon, eBay, Groupon and DH Gate. He was most recently the Managing Director of Marketplace Ignition Asia, a leading ecommerce marketplace consultancy. Noah also has 20 years of traditional retail experience with 17 years in senior management at Tweeter, once the US’ largest chain of electronics specialty stores; and was also Chief Merchant for Staples China. Noah has been living, studying and working in China since 2010 and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

    Session 16:

    Avoiding Scams & Bad Suppliers

    Mike Bellamy,
    CEO, PassageMaker

    Originally from Upstate New York, Mike moved to Asia in 1993 and is a China business advisor to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNBC & Bloomberg. Founded a boutique sourcing agency in China with 1 employee and 1 client back in 2002. PassageMaker Group now manages a 200 million USD supply chain (per annum, at time of writing) of goods flowing from China to the world.

    Session 17:

    Building Your Brand, Beyond Amazon

    Manuel Becvar,
    Founder, ImportDojo

    Manuel’s professional career started in 1998 when he worked for Austria’s biggest DIY retailer Baumax. Later he moved to Hong Kong in 2005 when I was offered a position as an intern at their sourcing office in Hong Kong, with a staff over 200 people. For the next 10 years he worked with some of the biggest retailers in the world, developing, sourcing, and finding new products for them. These retailers included: Metro, Rewe, OBI, Carrefour, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Auchan, Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, and many others.

    Session 18:

    Global Online B2B Solutions

    Grace Li,
    Regional Operation Director, DHgate

    Grace Li is the founding members of DHgate Cross Border Service Cloud, serving as the online platform which providing professional export services to China’s small and medium-sized cross border trade enterprises.

    Session 19:

    Panel: Logistics In Asia

    Nick Bartlett, Sales Director, InXpress Hong Kong

    InXpress is a global shipping and eccommerce solutions business. It focuses on saving customers time, effort and money by providing unique logistics solutions across shipping; express, import, freight shipping services and e-commerce fulfillment solutions by leveraging world class carriers you know and trust.

    Kornilia Lampropoulou, International Sales Manager, IN2LOG

    Kornila is an international sales manager based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

    Yung-Chung Lin, Co-Founder,

    Yung-Chung runs a successful Amazon FBA cross-border eccommerce company.

    Session 20:

    Being a Global Citizen

    Andrew Henderson,
    Founder, Nomad Capitalist

    Having traveled to close to 90 countries, Andrew is the real offshore expert and a lifelong entrepreneur who highly values his freedom. He knows everything there is to know about offshore investments, banking, companies and second residencies and citizenships. He puts together unique Nomad Strategies for each of our clients to make sure everyone goes where they’re treated best. When not visiting a new country to cross it off his never-ending list of places to visit, he reads and researches new investment opportunities. Andrew is a fan of big cities, spicy food, and elegant interior design. He has bases all around the world – among others in Belgium, Malaysia, and his beloved Georgia.

    Session 21:

    Panel: Developing Export Based Cross-Border E-Commerce

    Wilson Blues, Founder, Banana Works

    With over 10 years of export B2C e-commerce experience from China, Wilson Blues is a veteran at the game. Learning how to build an international e-commerce business from inside Mainland China, Wilson has a unique perspective as a Chinese business owner going global while also understanding the Western mindset and business tactics. From helping his wife’s shoe factory build an online e-commerce store to growing a massive Amazon business that is expanding on Walmart and more channels, Wilson brings fun and unique experience to all attendees!

    Gerard Nieuwenhuis, Founder & CEO, TRNDlabs

    Based in Netherlands, Gerard has experience in various e-commerce businesses from group buying to niche sites.

    Meir S. Simhi, CEO, Brand Masters

    Living in Shenzhen since 2007, Meir is an Israeli super-entrepreneur with rich background in E-commerce and web marketing. Since 2014 he’s been running an e-commerce training program and digital strategy consulting agency to help entrepreneurs and companies build brands and establish a presence in the online environment. Recently Meir has co-founded, an innovative B2B platform helping Makers and online sellers create better products in less time.

    Chris Davey, MD and Founder, “Source From Asia”

    Chris is based in Zhuhai, China. He provides consultancy to multiple companies & Amazon sellers to help them navigate the maze of China sourcing. He also designs and sources his own private label brand of products sold worldwide via Amazon FBA. Expert in sourcing and new product development – 17 years of experience with the world-class manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins and 4 years in China leading a team of 14 buyers sourcing $30m+ of materials. Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) are the market leader in the design and manufacture of high-end audio equipment.

    Session 22:

    Payment Solutions

    Matt Long,
    Global Head of Sales and Head of Asia, OFX Payment Services

    Matt has built successful customer-oriented financial services businesses across Asia, Europe and North America. Matt grows and manages high performance teams specialised in leveraging technology to deliver great outcomes for customers. In his current roles as Global Head of Sales and Head of Asia at international money transfer company OFX.COM, Matt is responsible dually for managing the companies’ fast-growing Asian franchise and its global sales teams that deliver OFX to the customer.

    Resource #7

    Cross Border Matchmaker (2017)

    Stay Current With Changing Trends In Asia

    View recordings from The 2017 Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) annual conference in Shenzhen, China. It brings together top Chinese and International Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce players to discuss current issues and trends in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Hear the strategies industry experts shared with our attendees.

    • Strategies for optimizing your Amazon FBA listing
    • How to build an international brand
    • Internet marketing strategies that are working now
    • The future of brands in China
    • Stories and case studies from top Amazon FBA sellers

    Here's What You Get

    Below is a quick overview of the speaker sessions you will receive recordings of.

    Session 1:

    Creating a Content Machine to Master Your Ecommerce Business

    Mike Michelini,
    Podcast Host & Matchmaker Co-Host, Global From Asia

    American social media & e-commerce specialist being China since late 2007, I’m passionate to help companies do business in China leveraging the power of social media and e-commerce. I host a weekly podcast to help businesses understand how to do business in China and other parts of Asia. I love Sina weibo, Tencent wechat, and believe they are the most powerful tools for any company to unlock huge value in the Chinese market.

    Session 2:

    Tactics and Strategies for Optimizing Your Amazon Listings

    Will Tjernlund,
    Amazon Seller, Goat Consulting

    Will Tjernlund is an expert Amazon seller and consultant. He learned the trade by teaming with his brother sell millions to and on Now he spends his time running Goat Consulting which works with companies from start ups to publicly traded companies helping them reach their full potential on

    Session 3:

    Product Selection & Brand Building, Building a Brand, What E-Commerce Businesses Need To Succeed

    Ricardo Li,
    Founder & CEO, Popeye Incubation

    Ricardo is the former Founder of eBay South China and a cross border trade expert specializing in overseas branding, operations, and crowd funding as well as being a top seller. He has experience selling “both ways” both into China and abroad via a wide range of e-commerce platforms. Popeye Incubation has ready teams to operate on JD, Taobao, eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, and more.

    Session 4:

    Amazon Listing & Marketing Strategies to Get & Stay Ahead

    Keith O’Brien,
    Co-Founder & CEO, Market Hustl

    Keith’s career over the last 25 years has provided him the opportunity to work and build expertise in a number of areas of Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Training. His core talents and passions are helping people and businesses get to the next level. He was the CEO of iLoveToReview (first and largest review company) prior to Amazon TOS changes in 2016 and is currently the co-founder and CEO of and Keith’s companies have helped 1,000’s of Amazon sellers launch and grow their brands. He is a father, active in many global charitable projects and lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

    Session 5:

    Leveraging Shopify For Continued Growth

    Guido Jackels,
    CEO, Shopify Expert,
    Sonrisa Ventures

    Guido is the founder & CEO of Sonrisa Ventures – an Amazon Europe and Shopify E-commerce consultancy. His team helps Chinese and US-American Amazon FBA sellers launch on Amazon Europe, translate listings and set up E-commerce Shopify websites in various European languages.

    Session 6:

    Matchmaker Session: Facebook & Video Marketing For E-commerce Sales

    Alex Huang,
    Head of G90 Amazon Incubation Base
    Hua Qiang Bei International Maker Center

    Mr. Huang worked in as one of the core staff of DX’s founder team, mainly managing foreign customer service team, sales, sub-website operation and supply chain. G90 Incubation Base is a training base appointed by Amazon official.

    Zack Franklin,
    CEO, AMZ Kung Fu

    Zack has ran two multi-million dollar companies in the last year and has spoken across China about Marketing, Amazon, and Sales. He currently is the Founder and CEO of AMZKungFu which is a marketing agency aimed to help Chinese sellers in Shenzhen increase their sales and take their business to the next level.

    Session 7:

    Leveraging an Online Team in Multiple Markets on Amazon

    Nate Ginsberg,
    Founder of Abound Ventures, Seasoned Amazon FBA seller turned Investor

    Nate has grown his Amazon FBA business in both the US and EU markets by leaps and bounds. His story is about how he empowered his seller team to take his business to new heights in a short time. His strengths include: manufacturing in China, supplement/consumable manufacturing, e-commerce in the USA, selling on Amazon, Distributed team building and management, and business systems and processes.

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    Cross Border E-Commerce Association

    Connect With Other Asia Business Owners

    For years we have been connecting with people doing business in China, Hong Kong, and throughout Asia. We are so happy to be able to put them in one spot for people to connect, share, and help each other’s businesses grow. If you want to level up your business, and skip past a few of the painful steps in between, we are confident this association is the place for you. The Asia Business Vault provides you with 1 year membership to our association.

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    What People Are Saying

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    It was great to attend the Cross Border Summit. Personally for me it was the perfect bridge between manufacturing and selling products in and to China. Most valuable for me was to get solutions from specialist and keynote speakersStephan Thaerigen
    I highly recommend the Cross Border Summit for any entrepreneur. I am not into trading, but I am a serial entrepreneur and I learned a lot from all the different speakers. I went home from that Summit with my head spinning and a big grin of all the possibilities, opportunities and new ideas I got from just these 2 days. If you miss this event, you miss a great chance to take your business to a new level! A must for every entrepreneur in China!Kathy
    Conference was well organized with credible speakers that have various skillsets required to support and manage smaller and midsize e-commerce operations. The speakers and panel members displayed a stong knowledge and detailed experience of not only China sourcing and Manufacturing, Banking, but also marketing tips for entrepreneurs selling on large e-commerce platforms. David Wand, Zhongshan, China
    Michael is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, you may not find him on the pages of TechCrunch or VentureBeat but he leaves lasting impressions on the business and people he encounters.Jimi Olaghere
    Earlier this year I attended the annual Cross Border Summit hosted by the Global from Asia crew. The Summit had everything we expected and more: informative speakers, break-out sessions, and interesting panel speakers.Eric Braa Director Of Sales & Founding Partner Silicon Valley Based Getscale Inc.
    Mike was critical in helping me understand business culture in China. I would recommend Mike for anyone who needs to understand Chinese social interactions in the import/export and e-commerce business.Janet Chang
    Michael has taken his practical experience living and doing business in China and applied it directly to my situation. He just saved me LOTS of research and headaches.Mia Salituro

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    • China Business Workshop
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    • Cross Border Summit 2017 Recordings
    • Cross Border Matchmaker 2017 Recordings
    • 1 Year Association Membership
    • 5 1-Hour Consultation Calls w/ Mike

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    Yes! Actually, The Asia Business Vault is made up of the programs we made for “us” in mind. We were so frustrated trying to get access to information about Asia business while still in the Western world. We created this so you can get the knowledge and jump start you need to do it from the comfort of your own home.

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