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A hack with PPC, Super Urls, Facebook Ads & more


by Davide Nicolucci


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What You Will Learn in this Webinar

  • Keyword Research
  • Optimized Listing
  • Ongoing PPC Campaign
  • Super URL Generators
  • Facebook Ads
  • Photo Editing Software
  • Other Social Media Channels / Forums with High PR



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Presented by:


Davide Nicolucci
Founder, Growth Hack Consulting HK


Mike Michelini
Host, Global from Asia


Davide Nicolucci, with co-host, Mike Michelini, will unveil step-by-step the secrets of his new marketing strategy that will allow you to rank higher any products on Amazon. He came up with this strategy after testing for months and months Amazon PPC, Facebook ads, Landing Pages, Super URLs and other tools. You will dicover how to increase in a very cheap way your organic keyword search rank and BSR for absolutely any kind of product. His clients have already seen impressive increase in sales and decrease in total ACoS% as immediate result.


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What People Have Been Saying:

"For me, as I went about starting my own business in China I have been able to save time, money and follow the lead from so many successful people that have do it all before. Keep it up Michael and thank you.."

 Michael Eagleton

"Mike really knows his stuff and this podcast is my go-to podcast for anything related to business in China, particularly import / export and eCommerce which are just the topics most relevant to me."

R.L. Smith

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