Mastering Amazon Competitor Research

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Dominate Amazon By Knowing Your Entire Market's Every Move

Thursday October 18th @ 9am New York

Thursday, Oct 18th @ 9pm China time

Thursday, Oct 18th @ 9am New York time

Presented by:

  • Meir Simhi CEO, Brand Masters

  • Mike Michelini Host, Global From Asia

Want to stay on top of your Amazon FBA competition? Want to know the market - as a whole - and not product (ASIN) by product?

The game is changing fast, and new competitors are entering, while old competitors are throwing in the towel and liquidating.

This is causing a lot of stress and confusion for Amazon FBA sellers and we have ways to for you to take back control!

  • Evaluating the "old way" of product research
  • What changes in the market to look for
  • KPIs that you should focus on
  • Ongoing analysis you need to do in Amazon FBA
  • Engaging question and answer format

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