Dealing With The Coronavirus Pandemic

Masks Trading, Supplies Needed From China

by Michael Michelini

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What You Will Learn in this Webinar

Discuss and learn what is happening with the supply chain for masks for all the health and prevention supplies.

What is the current situation?

What products are available?

What is the timeframe?

Also, learn more about our new 
Community Group Buying Platform


We will explain and discuss Loadpipe, as well as the products we are currently do group buys on.

Ask in real time, see what is happening.

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Mike Michelini


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What People Have Been Saying:

"For me, as I went about starting my own business in China I have been able to save time, money and follow the lead from so many successful people that have do it all before. Keep it up Michael and thank you.."

 Michael Eagleton

"Mike really knows his stuff and this podcast is my go-to podcast for anything related to business in China, particularly import / export and eCommerce which are just the topics most relevant to me."

R.L. Smith

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