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How Global From Asia Can Get You To a New Level

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Wednesday Nov 29th @ 7am EST (NYC)

Wednesday Nov 29th @ 1pm Germany

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Presented by:

  • Mike Michelini
    Host, Global From Asia

  • Angelica Tayona
    VIP Manager, Global From Asia

Are you struggling to get things done in the Asia market? Want to find a group who can help you cut through the B.S. and get your business up to the next level? Then join us on this free webinar where we can help you grow your business to the next level.

  • What Chinese Staff Are Looking For In Employment Opportunities
  • What is the best setup for your global business?
  • Strategies to leverage Asia as your headquarters
  • Dealing with Technology and Internet Differences

What People Have Been Saying

“For me, as I went about starting my own business in China I have been able to save time, money and follow the lead from so many successful people that have do it all before. Keep it up Michael and thank you..”

– Michael Eagleton

“Mike really knows his stuff and this podcast is my go-to podcast for anything related to business in China, particularly import / export and eCommerce which are just the topics most relevant to me.”

– R.L. Smith