Hong Kong Corporate Tax Optimization

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Understanding How To Handle Your Hong Kong Corporate Taxes

May, 2017 @ 6pm PST

Wednesday, May 2017, @ 6pm PST

Presented by:

  • Ray Ng
    Hong Kong CPA

  • Mike Michelini
    Host, Global From Asia

Are you confused about how to file your Hong Kong corporate taxes? Wondering what the best way to keep things running smooth is? We have a Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who can answer all your questions about how to best file your Hong Kong corporate tax return.

  • Definitions of Hong Kong Tax Forms
  • Deadlines and Filing Date Procedures
  • What exactly is a Hong Kong Tax Audit and how to file it?
  • Dealing with your Personal Taxes as an owner of a HK Limited Company
  • Dealing with Technology and Internet Tools for bookkeeping

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