Yiwu Market Webinar

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About The Webinar

Want to learn what it takes to find the right products inside many of the most famous markets in China? Learn from experts who have been on the ground for decades!

  • Confirm what your goals are going to the markets
  • Mindset the Chinese vendors have at the marketplaces
  • Setting Up The Correct System and Workflow
  • Dealing with Bargaining and systems as well as cultures
  • Ask questions and learn from others.

Duration: 1 hour

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About The Hosts

Ino Topalovic

Sourcing Manager
Insight Quality

Mike Smith, PHD

Global From Asia

What People Are Saying

Hi Michael, just watched your CM Coffee Club Digital Nomads presentation. It was awesome, which I could have made it! Hey, just wondering, you were talking a bit about protecting IP by getting the product manufactured by the factory and then the packaging separate. How would this work? I would have thought the factory does BOTH the manufacturing and packaging for you…before sending the product to say Amazon FBA. If there’s a way to get the manufacturing and packaging separate, I’d love to know some recommendations which are cost effective. Hopefully you can reply, cheers!

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great content. I started listening your GFA podcast because I am fairly advanced down the track of trying to producing an original multiple component product china (agent, samples, prototype etc). Something I have been working on for a while and am very passionate about. Hard work though.

I stumbled into your GFAE series a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be a bit of an eye opener. Only up to ep. 21, can’t wait to see how it works out! I am still committed to finishing my product but am now looking seriously at getting some basic FBA action going as well (I hope the GFAE series has a happy ending!!!!).

Keep up the good work, if things start to move perhaps I’ll even make it to a Cross Border event in the future.


“I’m Roland from Taiwan doing different b2b ecommerce trade. Here I’m get a lot of actionable information. The information is really that good that I missed the after party yesterday. I went to the hotel and implemented the ideas. Like Brian Tracy said is that you take action.

The Cross Border Summit has actionable ideas – that is the biggest takeaway.“